1928-1970 Washington and Oregon
Earthquake information and Isoseismal Maps

from: United States Earthquakes, U.S. Department of Commerce, Coast and Geodetic Survey

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1928 1928/02/0911:05:0049.00N125.30W-5.848.1 km ESE of Tofino, BC
1930 1930/07/1902:38:0045.00N123.18W-5.014.5 km WNW of Salem, OR
1931 1931/04/1803:55:0048.70N122.18W-5.014.0 km S of Deming, WA
1931/12/3115:25:0047.50N123.00W-5.028.9 km WSW of Bremerton, WA
1932 1932/01/0523:13   4.3Near Sultan, WA
1932/07/1806:01:0048.00N121.80W-5.715.6 km SE of Granite Falls, WA
1932/08/0622:16:0047.70N122.30W-5.07.2 km WNW of Kirkland, WA
1936 1936/07/1607:07:4946.00N118.30W-6.18.1 km SSE of Walla Walla, WA
1939 1939/11/1307:45:5447.40N122.58W-6.218.7 km S of Bremerton, WA
1940 1940/10/2722:30   5.0Puget Sound
1941 1941/04/0709:25:0048.28N119.58W-4.57.6 km SSW of Okanogan, WA
1941/12/2918:37:0045.53N122.61W-5.00.0 km S of Portland, OR
1942 1942/11/0118:50:0648.00N116.68W-5.564.2 km NE of Spokane, WA
1943 1943/04/2400:10:4647.28N120.58W-5.025.2 km WSW of Wenatchee, WA
1943/11/2900:43:0048.40N122.90W-5.017.0 km SSE of Friday Harbor, WA
1944 1944/12/0704:48:0046.96N123.88W-5.05.8 km W of Aberdeen, WA
1945 1945/01/2805:06:0848.23N122.36W-5.020.0 km S of Mount Vernon, WA
1945/04/2920:16:1747.40N121.68W-5.712.5 km SSE of North Bend, WA
1945/04/3007:45:4547.40N121.68W-5.012.5 km SSE of North Bend, WA
1945/11/1204:05:0048.00N122.50W-5.022.5 km W of Everett, WA
1946 1946/02/1503:17:4747.28N122.90W25.05.828.4 km N of Olympia, WA
1946/02/1512:17:1546.86N122.26W-5.00.3 km NW of Eatonville, WA
1946/02/2308:54:5347.03N122.88W-5.00.0 km SE of Olympia, WA
1946/06/2315:13:0049.80N125.30W-7.426.3 km WNW of Courtenay, BC
1948 1948/09/2422:35:0047.85N122.58W-5.014.0 km NNE of Poulsbo, WA
1949 1949/04/1319:55:4347.08N122.75W54.07.112.3 km ENE of Olympia, WA
1950 1950/04/1411:03:4848.00N122.50W-5.022.5 km W of Everett, WA
1953 1953/12/1604:32:1245.50N122.68W-5.07.4 km WSW of Portland, OR
1954 1954/05/1513:02:3247.40N122.50W-5.018.9 km NNW of Tacoma, WA
1955 1955/03/2606:56:5148.08N122.00W-5.03.0 km NW of Granite Falls, WA
1957 1957/01/2601:16:0748.28N122.58W-5.024.2 km SW of Mount Vernon, WA
1957/02/1117:05:5647.50N121.68W-5.06.4 km E of North Bend, WA
1957/11/1706:00:2945.28N123.80W-5.017.7 km S of Tillamook, OR
1958 1958/04/1222:37:1148.00N120.00W-5.017.6 km N of Chelan, WA
1958/10/0705:07:5646.70N124.00W-5.033.8 km SSW of Aberdeen, WA
1959 1959/08/0603:44:3247.78N119.90W-5.09.7 km ESE of Chelan, WA
1959/12/1206:24:1748.70N123.30W-4.528.4 km NW of Friday Harbor, WA
1960 1960/01/0709:16:0446.75N122.65W-4.422.8 km E of Centralia, WA
1960/04/1106:47:3547.56N122.25W-3.76.2 km SW of Bellevue, WA
1960/09/1015:06:3447.70N123.15W-4.738.1 km W of Poulsbo, WA
1960/10/1111:54:4546.06N122.15W7.23.914.8 km SSE of Mount St. Helens
1960/11/0811:36:2345.03N125.38W-5.0114.9 km WNW of Newport, OR
1961 1961/01/0215:55:0046.00N122.08W-3.523.2 km SSE of Mount St. Helens
1961/01/0407:26:0346.05N122.13W7.23.616.0 km SSE of Mount St. Helens
1961/02/0205:50:1346.70N122.80W-4.512.4 km E of Centralia, WA
1961/05/2605:51:0046.05N122.30W-3.518.2 km SSW of Mount St. Helens
1961/06/2810:22:5247.53N120.28W-3.613.1 km N of Wenatchee, WA
1961/07/2814:52:4446.00N122.10W-3.723.2 km SSE of Mount St. Helens
1961/08/1904:56:2444.70N122.50W33.04.150.2 km ESE of Salem, OR
1961/09/1603:24:5546.00N122.11W7.24.821.4 km SSE of Mount St. Helens
1961/09/1611:45:5846.00N122.11W7.24.021.0 km SSE of Mount St. Helens
1961/09/1715:55:5546.01N122.11W7.25.120.2 km SSE of Mount St. Helens
1961/11/0701:29:0845.70N122.85W-4.726.5 km NW of Portland, OR
1961/11/0721:30:0045.53N122.61W-3.90.0 km S of Portland, OR
1962 1962/01/1505:29:1347.81N120.20W-4.015.2 km W of Chelan, WA
1962/09/0504:37:0044.50N122.60W-3.660.1 km SE of Salem, OR
1962/11/0603:36:4345.60N122.58W18.05.58.3 km NNE of Portland, OR
1962/12/3120:49:3047.25N122.06W2.04.78.6 km NW of Enumclaw, WA
1963 1963/01/2421:43:0947.56N122.01W-4.610.7 km W of Fall City, WA
1963/03/0723:53:2744.83N123.41W47.04.632.6 km WSW of Salem, OR
1963/08/1315:03:5847.30N121.60W-3.618.9 km SW of Hyak, WA
1963/08/1800:24:2647.50N122.60W-3.67.8 km SSE of Bremerton, WA
1963/09/0815:53:3248.50N123.00W-3.53.9 km S of Friday Harbor, WA
1963/12/2202:54:0448.58N119.75W-3.928.3 km NNW of Okanogan, WA
1963/12/2702:36:2245.76N123.33W35.04.550.8 km SW of Longview, WA
1964 1964/01/1523:06:3645.90N120.00W33.03.638.6 km SSW of Prosser, WA
1964/01/2621:40:4346.10N122.40W-3.919.5 km SW of Mount St. Helens
1964/04/2601:42:4948.70N120.50W-4.077.6 km WNW of Okanogan, WA
1964/07/1415:50:0348.90N122.50W-4.615.3 km N of Bellingham, WA
1964/07/3012:45:1549.20N122.30W-3.842.2 km N of Deming, WA
1964/07/3015:33:1447.70N122.10W-4.08.3 km ENE of Kirkland, WA
1964/10/0112:31:2445.70N122.80W-4.123.1 km NW of Portland, OR
1964/10/1514:32:3747.58N122.08W-3.97.6 km E of Bellevue, WA
1965 1965/04/2915:28:4347.40N122.40W57.06.518.3 km N of Tacoma, WA
1965/08/1921:02:1544.58N118.40W33.04.448.4 km ENE of John Day, OR
1965/10/2316:27:5947.50N122.40W-4.312.0 km SSW of Seattle, WA
1965/10/3019:15:5742.08N121.80W25.04.014.0 km S of Klamath Falls, OR
1965/11/0716:41:4744.90N117.00W5.04.367.3 km ENE of Baker, OR
1966 1966/07/2301:57:0646.90N119.26W7.43.912.8 km NW of Othello, WA
1966/07/3018:02:3947.13N122.08W-3.210.8 km SW of Enumclaw, WA
1966/11/0107:22:5247.58N122.30W-3.52.3 km E of Seattle, WA
1966/11/0610:50:5147.95N119.30W6.13.622.6 km W of Grand Coulee, WA
1966/12/3003:51:4044.90N117.00W10.04.267.3 km ENE of Baker, OR
1966/12/3010:55:0442.50N124.80W33.04.396.4 km NNW of Crescent City, CA
1967 1967/01/1806:58:2147.28N122.56W22.93.312.3 km WNW of Tacoma, WA
1967/02/1318:32:1846.13N119.75W6.93.96.7 km S of Prosser, WA
1967/03/0703:51:0847.83N122.66W34.03.912.0 km NNW of Poulsbo, WA
1967/05/1601:01:0049.00N122.50W-3.826.4 km N of Bellingham, WA
1967/05/2523:22:3448.20N122.80W33.04.140.0 km SSE of Friday Harbor, WA
1967/06/0617:12:5748.20N119.08W33.03.629.7 km NNW of Grand Coulee, WA
1967/08/0501:11:5446.08N120.00W33.03.921.5 km WSW of Prosser, WA
1968 1968/01/2708:28:2345.60N122.60W34.03.88.4 km N of Portland, OR
1968/05/1318:52:1745.58N122.60W8.03.66.8 km N of Portland, OR
1968/05/2800:08:4842.25N119.66W21.04.4174.3 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/05/2800:51:0342.25N119.76W33.04.1166.2 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/05/2812:55:4242.25N119.80W34.04.4162.8 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/05/3000:35:5842.31N119.83W22.05.1159.8 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/05/3103:06:3842.08N119.76W33.04.1160.6 km ENE of Medicine Lakes Volc. area
1968/06/0313:27:3942.25N119.80W20.05.0163.6 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0402:34:1442.23N119.86W25.04.6157.8 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0402:38:2942.30N119.78W25.04.0164.9 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0403:35:4942.31N119.75W33.04.1167.5 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0405:52:3242.28N119.81W34.04.0162.0 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0406:22:1742.20N119.81W26.04.4161.2 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0410:58:2242.25N119.76W25.04.2166.1 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0504:51:5642.21N119.98W25.04.6147.9 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0505:12:3542.28N119.76W33.04.4166.2 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0507:37:4542.25N119.90W33.04.0154.5 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/0508:20:3842.28N119.81W33.04.0161.0 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/06/1201:46:2142.11N119.78W8.04.3161.3 km ENE of Medicine Lakes Volc. area
1968/06/1905:51:4347.20N122.50W-4.66.5 km SW of Tacoma, WA
1968/06/2120:33:2742.20N119.65W23.04.3175.3 km ENE of Medicine Lakes Volc. area
1968/06/2209:39:5242.16N119.71W-4.3168.7 km ENE of Medicine Lakes Volc. area
1968/06/2411:03:1742.28N119.83W33.04.2160.4 km E of Klamath Falls, OR
1968/09/0612:16:3048.08N122.75W34.03.941.5 km NNW of Poulsbo, WA
1968/11/3014:40:1146.66N122.40W13.03.816.6 km NW of Morton, WA
1969 69/02/1408:33:3648.93N123.06W52.04.221.2 km S of Vancouver,BC
69/10/0917:07:55 46.75N121.70W 0.04.3 10.3 km SSE of Mount Rainier
69/10/1508:35:0047.33N122.06W 41.83.6 8.2 km SSW of Maple Valley, WA
69/11/01 15:44:24 47.88N 121.80W 5.0 3.9 12.7 km ENE of Monroe, WA
69/11/1007:38:44 48.53N121.50W 33.04.6 17.6 km E of Concrete, WA
69/11/2809:51:32 47.40N122.68W 33.03.5 19.3 km SSW of Bremerton, WA
1970 70/09/1102:20:53 46.65N120.40W 18.13.5 10.7 km NE of Yakima, Wa
70/10/2422:32:08 47.33N122.38W 13.04.1 11.9 km NNE of Tacoma, WA

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