Spring 2004 ETS

Deep Tremor in Cascadia Zone - Array Studies, 2004

PHOTOS: Photo gallery of pictures taken during the installation of the arrays.

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GPS measurements for:May 3-18 2004 South Puget Sound tremor
July 8-24 2004 North Puget Sound tremor

A heartfelt welcome and thanks to all of those who have contributed to the Deep Tremor Array project! This page is dedicated to you, but is now available to everyone so we we all can keep you updated on the latest tremor news.

We installed all three arrays! Check out the array locations on the overview map. There are two stations with continuous online data from Sooke, BC being recorded by the Pacific Geoscience Centre, here at PNSN and the at the IRIS PASSCAL instrument center. Stations of the Lopez array can could be accessed remotely for near real-time download of short segments of data. A number of data segments were retrieved in near realtime which allowed us to find one case of a cut cable just at the beginning of the ETS and get it fixed quickly.

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There has been information available on the web for the past year about the deep tremor in 2003 as observed by scientists at the UW and its relationship to slow slip events and episodic tremor as detected by scientists at the Pacific Geoscience Centre 2cof the Geological Survey of Canada.